September 21, 2014

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September 4, 2014

Groups call on Brazil to deny application to legalize genetically engineered eucalyptus trees – First-ever GE tree could be approved in Brazil or US

August 2, 2014

GM Sweet Corn in Canada – New info for action

July 31, 2014

Info/action postcards on the GM apple now available! – Order from CBAN for you community


Government Proposes "Low Level Presence" of GM Contamination

The Canadian government wants to allow a percent, 0.1% or higher, of our food to be contaminated with genetically modified (GM) foods that have not been approved by Health Canada as safe. The GM foods will have been approved for safety in at least one other country but not yet approved by our own government. The federal government calls this “Low Level Presence” or LLP and argues that this “low level” of contamination from unapproved GM foods is not harmful. Click here for more information and action.

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Bee says Join us to Stop GM Alfalfa

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