February 19, 2017

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In addition to current action campaigns, CBAN researches, monitors and takes action on these priority issues. Go to Resources to find information and links relating to issues not seen here.

Democracy and Government Regulation

Democratic debate and transparent governance are key to addresssing any of the socio-economic, ethical, environmental and safety concerns of genetic engineering.

GE Trees

CBAN is a Steering Committee Member of the North American STOP GE Trees Campaign and is working with groups across the world in the call for a ban on GE Trees.

GE Alfalfa

The Canadian Government has approved Monsanto’s herbicide resistant (Roundup Ready) alfalfa for human consumption and environmental release but it is not yet legal to sell GM alfalfa seeds in Canada. Variety registration is needed before the crop can be commercially grown in Canada.

Click here to see information on the current campaign and action you can take.

International Solidarity

Canadians can play a very positive role internationally and we have a lot to learn from peasant organizing across the world.

Farm Income Crisis

CBAN is committed to working with the National Farmers Union to address the underlying causes of the current farm income crisis. This includes work to strengthen and protect current programs that give farmers power in the marketplace such as the Canadian Wheat Board.

Corporate Control

Without our knowledge, understanding, or consent, "life-science" conglomerates are genetically engineering food plants for corporate profit with little concern for our health or the effect on the environment.
- Brewster Kneen author of " Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology"

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Stop GM Alfalfa