May 3, 2016

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What GM Foods are on the Market?

Four GM crops are grown in Canada: corn, soy, canola and white sugar beet (for sugar processing). These are widely used as ingredients in processed foods. There is also now some GM sweet corn grown in Ontario and more could be grown in the future.

Also, GM cotton (cottonseed oil) and some papaya and a few types of squash are grown in the U.S. and can be imported into Canada.
X GM Apples: A GM non-browning apple was approved in Canada and the US in 2015 but it is not yet on the market.
X GM Tomatoes: There are NO GM tomatoes on the market anywhere in the world.
X GM Potatoes: Monsanto took GM potatoes off the market because of consumer
rejection. A new GM potato was approved in late 2014 in the US but it is not yet approved in Canada.
X GM Wheat: In 2004, Monsanto withdrew its request for approval of GM wheat in Canada and the US because of consumer and farmer protest. Monsanto has relaunched its GM wheat research.
X Most of the GM corn grown in Canada is grain corn used for animal feed or processed food ingredients. There is no GM popcorn on the market. There are a few varieties of GM
sweetcorn now being sold in Canada.

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