February 25, 2017

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Petition for Moratorium on GM Alfalfa

Please print this petition to collect signatures for your Member of Parliament.


  • Please remember that people need to sign the side with the text - signatures on the back cannot be legally considered by your MP so they will be lost.
  • Please send the original signatures directly to your MP. This is effective communication from you as a constituent. You can search for your MP's contact using your postal code at www.parl.gc.ca
  • When you send your petition, please consider a covering letter requesting your MP to table the petition in the House, with a count of how many people signed, and any update on the motion for a moratorium if you have one. Keep a copy of your letter so you can follow up.
  • Your MP needs the original copy of the signatures.
  • Your MP can table a petition in the House of Commons - read it out in the House - even if they do not yet agree with you. You can ask for this with a petition of 25 or more signatures.

Thank you for taking this important action and giving other people in your community an opportunity to have their voices heard!

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Stop GM Alfalfa

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